4-CEC is a new and legal alternative for 4-CMC, 4-CEC, 4-MEC, which will become one of our new bestsellers. This product was made after the China law which banned 116 chemicals, therefore is legal worldwide.

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buy-4-cec-online. or 4-Chloroethcathinone (hydrochloride) is a research chemicals material that is categorized as a cathinones, you can buy 4-CEC online . Buy high quality 4-CEC for sale online, 4-CEC has the formal andsystematic IUPAC name 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(ethylamino)-1-propanone, monohydrochloride. The compound has a relative molar mass of 211.08 grams and is a solid at RTP. 4-CEC melts at 77.9 oC. Buy 4-CEC from us and enjoy other products from our shop.

Additional information. buy-4-cec-online

buy-4-cec-online When the drug is snorted, the first reactions appear within minutes. In both cases the result duration reaches three hours. The minimum duration in case with 4-CEC is half an hour. buy-4-cec-online

Puchased products from xmedsupply are for laboratory research purposes only, strictly not for human consumption. Do not inhale or swallow. If this cases occur contact a doctor! Keep away from children!
If you purchase, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction. we are not responsible for legality of the products in countries of customers. buy-4-cec-online


Poor concentration;
Erratic behavior;
Visual problems;
Focusing problems;
Bad memory;
Dilated pupils;
Teeth grinding;
The most dangerous reactions from the list are linked to users, who buy 4- CEC online to take high doses. Prolonged use leads to intoxication that is accompanied by: buy-4-cec-online

Increased heart rate;
High body temperature;
Respiratory difficulties;
Appetite loss;
Nose burns and bleeding.
In case of OverDose a user requires immediate medical assistance. Fatal outcomes aren’t rare, when users buy 4-CEC and take it without caution and neglecting all warnings. Though it is stated that the drug is not of the addictive kind, there are reports concerning severe craving for re-dosage, which means that the chemical agent is really addictive.

Regardless of numerous resemblances with 4-MMC and 4-MEC, the drug doesn’t produce neurotoxic effects in the dopamine system.

Our partnership has a pretty wide geography of purchasing. We can ship our production to the following countries: buy-4-cec-online

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